PencilWrench teams up with Jupiter Warranty! PencilWrench teams up with Jupiter Warranty!

Pencilwrench teams up with TBF/Jupiter


How do you beat the best warranty administration service in the country?

You don’t, but you can add to it with the amazing Pencilwrench software. Pencilwrench helps technicians write professional, detailed stories.  Most importantly, it creates the story through the simple selection of menu items, saving your mechanics hours of wasted time each week. 

In addition, Pencilwrench prompts the technician to add the right information while the work is being completed.  It even prompts for frequently missed items that result in lost revenue and significant chargebacks. Most importantly, our TBF/Jupiter warranty admins utilize the technician’s write-up to maximize the amount you are due.  Meanwhile, it reduces lost time chasing after missed information when warranty requirements are not met. 

Beyond warranty improvements, Pencilwrench also helps you improve customer perceptions.  When labor has been appropriately documented and professionally presented, it defends itself and affirms value to your client.

Furthermore, just like our warranty administration service, Pencilwrench saves your dealership money directly. Thus, increasing profits upfront.  No warranty administration service gives you better value than TBF/Jupiter, with Pencilewrench that value is multiplied. And now you can save even more when you bundle the two programs. 

Bundle Pencilwrench and TBF/Jupiter – two amazing services and get the most advanced warranty administration service in the country.


  • Saves technician’s billable hours
  • Better documentation improves collections
  • Defends labor for warranty and customer pay
  • Prompts techs for specifications, publications, and updates

TBF/Jupiter Warranty Management:

  • Replaces warranty admin expense
  • Accurately books technicians labor
  • Warranty claims processed Fast
  • Repair orders closed in the DMS
  • Properly submits claims to the manufacturer
  • Reconciles the factory statement
  • Researches unpaid balances
  • Corrects all rejected claims
  • Posts manufacturer payments
  • Provides a journal voucher
  • Posts accounting adjustments
  • Manages the warranty schedule
  • Helps Management navigate the factory trend report

TBF/Jupiter has exclusive rights to offer Pencilwrench software with our leading warranty service.

To learn more about bundling, please visit our contact page and complete the simple form. A representative will contact you quickly to discuss this opportunity.

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