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Full Claims Management Service

Complete Warranty Administration

Our full warranty claims processing and warranty management service is the most effective tool, and is the only way to take advantage of all major benefits:

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Fact is, the managed solution is so effective, it’s the only service you will ever need. Contact us > today to learn more about our integration with your DMS and our ability to seamlessly interact with your entire operation.

A` La Carte Services

The help you need where you need it.


It’s our goal that all dealerships experience the benefits of our warranty management system, even when it’s for a condensed period. Contact us > to learn how our automotive warranty services can be inserted into your current operation. We are excellent at filling in gaps when internal systems are temporarily down.


When internal warranty administration falls behind, warranty schedules escalate quickly. At TBF and Jupiter, we are here to HELP! Contact us > to learn how fast we can clean up your schedule. Hurry; our first goal will be to avoid additional losses, by submitting claims that are in danger of expiring! Explanations are provided for uncollectible amounts. Our detailed notes will help you better understand the source of the weakness – whether it be administrative or procedure.


If you are managing your warranty schedule and adjusting policies to accommodate the manufacturer performance reports, you are leading many in the business. However, you may still be leaving money on the table and/or creating unnecessary liability. The only way to know for sure is to look at the claims. The devil really is in the details. The best plan is to get an annual unbiased review from a third party, us.  Contact us > to learn more.  Automotive warranty services the way they are meant to be.


Need help understanding an unfavorable OEM warranty trend report, or looking for a second opinion?  At TBF and Jupiter, we understand warranty administration at a deep level and how unfavorable trends are created. In many cases, a review of the manufacturer’s warranty performance report and a discussion with your service manager is enough to isolate possible root causes and create an effective action plan.  Feel free to contact us> and send your trend report.  We will discuss best strategies to help you establish sound policies to gain control over your performance and warranty administration.

Have a question or request not answered here? Some additional automotive warranty services are available.  Please complete the contact form> or call us, (951) 676-5757. We are happy to assist.

Save Time And Money

Contact us to speak with a warranty management team member.  We are glad to answer any questions you have about these or any other warranty administration services!

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