Automotive Warranty Outsourcing

Warranty Claim Outsourcing Benefits

Warranty Management

TBF Enterprises, Inc. and Jupiter Warranty Management go beyond basic warranty administration. We manage warranty processing from start to finish. Only this level of automotive warranty outsourcing relieves your management from the activities that steal time and energy from more profitable customer pay activities. Items such as:

  1. Cleaning your warranty schedule
  2. Ensuring help is always available
  3. Reliably booking technicians
  4. Motivating and incentivize admins
  5. Pursuing the elusive maximum claim value
  6. Analyzing paid short claims
  7. Making journal adjustments
  8. Training new warranty administrators
  9. Managing training requirements
  10. Answering difficult administrator questions
  11. Adhering to manufacturers policies
  12. Alerting upper management of risky procedures
Process Warranty Management

Experience the value that freedom from warranty administration delivers.


Simple Automotive Warranty Outsourcing

Imagine a process, so simple; you don’t have to learn it because you already know it? That’s TBF enterprises and Jupiter Warranty Management’s full service! We use your current internal processes for warranty claims processing – the way you would do them in-house. Why is that better? Because it’s fast, reliable, and efficient, it’s also amazingly simple.  You already have everything you need to get started, no special software, supplies, or equipment to buy.  It’s Automotive Warranty Outsourcing the way it should be.

To make warranty processing even easier, one of our representatives can visit your dealership to assist you with in-house processes and service personnel training. Contact Us today to schedule a quick online meeting demonstrating the advantages of seamlessly simple warranty administration.

Affordable Automotive Warranty Outsourcing


Our service is so efficient and affordable that in most cases it costs less than the expense of managing warranty in-house when compared to direct labor costs. In other words, you could save money and take advantage of all the benefits that our service provides.

But don’t take our word for it. Take the warranty administration expense challenge and learn for yourself. Click the button below and use our free in-house warranty processing labor calculator to help you determine your current warranty administration expense, then contact us for a free comparison. The tool is easy to use and will provide a quick estimate or an exact measure.

Try it for free!

Avoid Audits & Chargebacks

Manage Automotive Warranty Outsourcing Risk

Many dealers are unaware of the significant liability they could face, for mishandled warranty claims processing and improper warranty administration – until it’s too late. Since the beginning of the electronic claim, manufacturers have been reimbursing dealerships without proof of due diligence. The dealer, through The Dealer Agreement, promises to follow the manufacturer’s processes and documentation requirements as outlined in their Policies and Procedures Manual. Although this electronic warranty claims process streamlined payments, it has created the potential for significant accumulations of warranty claims to drift into non-compliance without the dealer’s knowledge. TBF began servicing dealers when electronic payments were new, and our unique history and relationships with manufacturers are engrained into our company’s DNA.

  • Dealers that use our full warranty administration services are made aware of potential risks and documentation requirements.
  • Our administrators specialize in the lines they administer, and we bring awareness to management when concerns are visible.
  • We review the Manufacturer Trend Report and assist management in understanding processes that contribute to high expense and increased exposure.

Take steps to protect your investment and contact us today. Find out why so many dealers rest easier knowing TBF and Jupiter are on their side.  Automotive Warranty Outsourcing the way it is meant to be.

Increased Value

At TBF and Jupiter, automotive warranty outsourcing is our passion. We are passionate about collecting every dollar due to our clients.

Automotive Warranty Outsourcing ROI
  • It all begins with a fantastic team. Attracting, hiring, training, and encouraging top talented team members is at the root of our business model. Every warranty claim is reviewed for 100% labor, parts, and other expenses.
  • Our internal systems improve warranty claim values through better organization. We utilize overlapping procedures that create redundancy and accountability, helping us maintain a perspective on individual quality.
  • Teamwork is better than individual efforts for staying up to date. We are continuously watching for easy to miss items and new manufacturer procedures to collaborate.
  • Whether internally lead or through manufacturer certifications, continuous training is a critical priority of our warranty administration services.

With TBF and Jupiter managing your warranty processing, you can rest assured that everything is being collected and most importantly your claims are being handled correctly!

Warranty – Fast!

Beyond the manufacturer’s deadlines, at TBF/Jupiter, YOUR DEADLINES are our priority.  Every week we meet payroll for thousands of technicians, follow through on warranty claim corrections FAST, and our dealers love how we get all of their claims closed for Month End.

Automotive Warranty Outsourcing Dollars
  1. Avoid expired warranty claims
  2. Improve your technician’s morale
  3. Save management time
  4. Better financial data
  5. Properly applied commissions
  6. Quick resupply of recall-related parts
  7. Save parts return retention space
  8. Avoid lost Pre-Delivery payments
  9. Evade lost transportation claims
  10. Turn your money faster

Keep your money; don’t trade it for time…

Custom Fit – For The Help You Need

Automotive Warranty Outsourcing Globe

Our business was founded on quality service, and the best automotive warranty outsourcing service is the one that fits. Warranty administration impacts several areas of your operations. From employee relations, payroll, accounting, and factory relations. We understand the need for special requests, and we adjust our services for the best possible fit. Contact Us today, and learn how our services can be structured to meet your dealerships’ unique needs.

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