Warranty Claims Process Flow Chart

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Warranty Claims Process. This detailed flow chart outlines each step of managing warranty claims in the automotive industry, from the initial customer check-in at the dealership to the final payment processing by Jupiter Warranty Management. Our process ensures a seamless, efficient, and accurate handling of warranty claims, enhancing dealership operations and customer satisfaction.

Detailed Warranty Claims Process Flow Chart For Dealerships

Warranty Administration Claims Management Process

1. Customer Check-In


The warranty process begins when a customer arrives at the dealership with their vehicle. The service advisor meets with the customer to understand their concerns and records any issues the customer is experiencing with the vehicle. The advisor must ensure all customer concerns are documented accurately. Each concern should answer the questions of what, where, and when. Proper writeups lay the foundation for a successful repair and warranty claim process.

2. Repair Assignment

The repair is dispatched to a qualified technician for the repair type.

3. Repair & Documentation

The technician conducts the necessary repair work and records all required information about the repair process. Information will include time spent on the job (clocking), specs, attachments, and Parts required for the repair. The service advisor will review the RO (Repair Order) to confirm that all information is correctly captured and complies with the OEM’s warranty requirements.

4. Claim Preparation

In the DMS the service advisor closes (where possible) all customer pay and/or internal repair lines on the RO. In some DMS systems that process will mark the RO ready for claim Jupiter to begin processing. In other systems, a simple flag is set by the advisor to inform Jupiter that the RO is ready for processing.

5. Jupiter Processing

Jupiter Warranty Management enters the process at this stage. Using secure access to the dealership’s DMS system, Jupiter identifies the indicated ROs and begins their specialized claim preparation work. This includes entering condition codes, customer codes, labor operations, and any other details necessary to ensure the claim meets OEM standards. All information is directly entered into the dealership’s DMS. Jupiter’s experienced warranty experts ensure that each claim is thoroughly prepared to reduce the risk of unnecessary rejections. When required, Jupiter will request additional required information and start back at Step 3.


6. Open ROs are closed by Jupiter in the DMS

After entering the required information Jupiter Warranty Management closes the RO in the dealership’s DMS and sets up a warranty receivable in accounting. The receivable will remain on the schedule waiting for payment from the manufacturer. Closing open ROs is a critical step in the dealership’s workflow. Warranty services that omit this crucial step cost the dealership many hours of additional time each week, and it creates more errors caused by confusion in the warranty claim process.

7. The Claims are Downloaded or entered to the manufacturer.

In most cases, Jupiter Warranty Management uses the electronic software built into modern DMS systems to download the claim information to the OEM. In some cases, Jupiter’s warranty admins hand-enter all of the information on the RO into the OEM’s claim submission system.

8. OEM Evaluation & Decision

The manufacturer will electronically evaluate each submitted claim. If everything is in order, the claim should proceed to the payment stage. However, some properly submitted claims will require manual review by the OEM’s representatives and that will usually result in additional processing time, and in many cases, they will require additional documentation.

8a. OEM Requests Changes

If the OEM rejects the claim or requires additional information, the process reverts to step 5. Jupiter Warranty Management reviews the OEM’s feedback, gathers any additional information required, and works on revising the claim. Jupiter’s expertise in understanding and meeting OEM requirements plays a crucial role in efficiently addressing these requests and ensuring that the resubmitted claim meets all necessary criteria.

8b. OEM Pays

Once approved the OEM will provide notice of its intent to pay the claim and the value of the claim will be added to the dealership’s next statement.

9. Payment Processing

Jupiter Warranty Management posts the payments right into the dealership’s DMS system and ensures accuracy.

9a. Balanced


The dealership’s DMS system confirms that the OEM payments match the awaiting receivables by clearing the warranty receivable schedule. When balances remain, proceed to 9b.

9b. Unbalanced

In cases where there are discrepancies in the payment amounts revenue will remain on the dealership’s schedule. When this occurs, Jupiter investigates the differences to identify whether or not the full amount of the claim was paid by the OEM. If there is additional value, Jupiter’s admin will pursue it by appealing or resubmitting the claim.

9b2. Adjustments

If the factory paid the claim correctly, but there is still a balance on the warranty receivable schedule, Jupiter will create a Journal Voucher (JV) and post the necessary adjustments in the DMS. The JV will confirm that all revenue was applied to the correct account numbers. Once these adjustments have been completed the DMS system will confirm that the RO is balanced as in step 9a.

10. Process Completed

With the full value of the claim collected and the warranty receivable schedule cleared of outstanding payments, Jupiter’s administration is complete. However, we continue to support the dealership should any payment be reversed by the OEM. When dealers partner with TBF/Jupiter Warranty Management, they can rest assured that their warranty claims are managed effectively and efficiently, allowing them to focus on their core business of selling vehicles and delivering exceptional customer service.


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