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Warranty Processing ROI

At TBF and Jupiter, automotive warranty administration is our passion; therefore, we are passionate about collecting every dollar due to our clients.

  • Most importantly, great warranty administration begins with a fantastic team. Attracting, training, & encouraging top talented team members is at the root of our business model. Every warranty claim is reviewed for 100% labor, parts, & other expenses.
Warranty Administration FAST

Beyond the manufacturer’s deadlines, at TBF and Jupiter, your deadlines are our priority.  For instance, every week we meet payroll for thousands of technicians, follow through on warranty claim corrections fast, and our dealers love what we do for them at the end of the month.

  1. Avoid expired warranty claims
  2. Improve your technician’s morale
  3. Save management time
  4. Better financial…
The Missing Warranty Administration Piece

Our business was founded on quality warranty administration services, and the best automotive warranty outsourcing service is the one that fits. For example, warranty administration influences several areas of your operations, from employee relations to payroll, accounting, and factory relations. In other words, the service must fit your special circumstances, and that is why we adjust our service for the best possible fit…

Every dealership is different. Let us know your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is warranty claims management?

A: Warranty claims management is the process of handling and administering warranty claims made by customers for products or services. In the automotive sector, this involves processing and managing warranty claims for vehicles, ensuring that repairs and replacements are carried out according to the terms of the warranty and OEM guidelines.

Q: What is the warranty management process?

A: The warranty management process involves several steps, including claim submission, validation, authorization, repair or replacement, and reimbursement. In the context of automotive dealerships, warranty management includes working closely with manufacturers, technicians, and customers to ensure claims are processed accurately, efficiently, and in compliance with OEM guidelines.

Frustrated hands filing warranty claim paperwork.

Q: What are the benefits of warranty management for automotive dealerships?

A: Effective warranty management offers several benefits for automotive dealerships, such as:

  1. Maximizing and protecting OEM warranty revenue
  2. Reducing the risk of audits and chargebacks
  3. Improving technician morale through efficient claims processing
  4. Saving management time by streamlining warranty administration tasks
  5. Providing better financial data for decision-making

Q: How do warranty claims work for automotive dealerships using Jupiter Warranty Management services?

A: When a dealership partners with TBF Enterprises and Jupiter Warranty Management, we handle the entire warranty claims process on their behalf. We work closely with the dealership to ensure seamless integration with their existing systems and processes. Our team of experts manages the claims submission, validation, authorization, repair or replacement, and reimbursement, ensuring compliance with OEM guidelines and maximizing warranty revenue for the dealership.

By focusing on the needs of upper management at dealerships, our services are tailored to help them make the transition to a more efficient and effective warranty management system.


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