Warranty Administration Services

Professional Automotive Warranty Administration Company.  Assisting automotive dealerships to improve & protect OEM warranty administration revenue, since 1987!

Avoiding Unnecessary Audits and Chargebacks

Take steps to protect your investment and Contact Us today.  Find out why so many dealers rest easier knowing TBF and Jupiter are on their side.

Warranty Processing ROI

Increased warranty administration values

At TBF and Jupiter, automotive warranty administration is our passion. We are passionate about collecting every dollar due to our clients.

  • It all begins with a fantastic team. Attracting, hiring, training, and encouraging top talented team members is at the root of our business model. Every warranty claim is reviewed for 100% labor, parts, and other expenses.
  • Our internal systems improve warranty claim values through better organization. We utilize…

Warranty Administration FAST

Warranty Administration Services – Fast!

Beyond the manufacturer’s deadlines, at TBF and Jupiter, your deadlines are our priority. Every week we meet payroll for thousands of technicians, follow-through on warranty claim corrections fast, and our dealers love what we do with their month-ends.

  1. Avoid expired warranty claims
  2. Improve your technician’s morale
  3. Save management time
  4. Better financial…

The Missing Warranty Administration Piece

Custom Fit – Warranty Administration Services

Our business was founded on quality warranty administration services, and the best automotive warranty outsourcing service is the one that fits. Warranty administration impacts several areas of your operations. From employee relations, payroll, accounting, and factory relations. We understand the need for special requests, and we adjust our services for the best possible fit…

Administration Coffee 80/20

80/20 Inspired

Outsourcing has proven to be an effective tool for companies to enhance the results of the 80/20 rule.  Successful dealers understand that the objective of their entire business is to sell cars, parts, and service customers. Now consider the time spent by key employees and managers towards nonproducing activities – activities like warranty administration…

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