Lost Revenue Calculator

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Manufacturer warranty is the largest single payer in fixed operations. Missed labor, parts, handling, materials, and miscellaneous add up quickly. Our experience shows that these losses are a common occurrence and impact every dealership. A detailed and scientific document audit of the dealer’s warranty ROs is the only way to obtain the true impact these losses are having. For a general guide, we have created a revenue loss calculator on this page. It is a conservative reflection of our findings when performing these types of analysis.

Admin QualityDiscrepancy RateTime Guide
Exceptional0.88%0.18 Hrs missed per tech each week*
Good1.75%0.35 Hrs missed per tech each week*
Normal2.50%0.5 Hrs missed per tech each week*
Novice3.50%0.7 Hrs missed per tech each week*

* Time guide is a conservative estimate. It assumes dealership is billing 20 hours of “warranty” labor per tech weekly.

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